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To view and print a summary of individual projects

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This Is The Results From The Search In A Summary Format. For Instructions On How To Use Project Profile Click Here.

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To view and print a complete issue
of Construction Summary Of New Hampshire / Maine Or Vermont in its entirety enter the Report Date, select either the HTML Output Radio Button or Text Output Radio Button and click the Search button.
* Select the HTML Output Radio Button to view all projects in an issue with complete project information.
* Select the Text Output Radio Button to download or open a Rich Text Format file in Microsoft Word or equivalent that allows you to view, save, or print all project information as published for all projects that day.

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To display a calendar listing for Addenda Issued. Click on the Display Button to the right of Display Calendar for Addenda Issued. This summary will display all the projects that we have been notified of any Addenda Issued listed with Project # - Addenda Issued - Bid Date - Project Title - Bin # - Last Reported Date - City & State. Frame_4_Search.gif (8746 bytes)

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To view and print Project Information in a user defined search.
If the Project ID# is not known, or you want to find a group of projects, use this search feature to produce a list of available projects. You may search by selecting one or more criteria. Using multiple criteria will narrow your search and quicken the response time of your browser. For example, to find office projects bidding within a city. Select "Bidding" from the Project Cycle list box AND "Office" from the Project Type list box AND enter the "City's Name"  in the Location City entry box. Your search results will be all office building projects bidding within the specified city. The results of this search are determined by the criteria you enter. 

To search for projects relating to a particular Owner, Design Consultant(i.e.: Architect, Engineer, etc) or Contractor click the appropriate radio button and type the name in the entry box below.

If the exact name is not known a partial name can be entered. The search will produce results which begin with the partial entry. For example, if John is entered as the owner, than projects owned by John, Johnathon, and John & Company will be included in the search results.

All dates should be entered as six digits in mm/dd/yy format.

Your subscription time period (Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual) determines how far back you may search for previously reported projects.

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Step 1:
Select A Project Cycle
Step 2: To Narrow Your Search Of  Recent Publications You May Enter Either A City/County Or Both.
Step 3: Select A State
Step 4: Enter A Date For From: & To:
Step 5: Click Search To Show All The Reports Within The Date Range And According To The Criteria You Have Entered or Click Reset To Clear The Form

Your subscription time period (Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual) determines how far back you may search for previously reported projects.

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